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I can help you reconnect with your emotions and your body, to feel alive again. You can leave the past behind to fully enjoy your life, rediscover your mind, and be brave and proactive in making the changes you’ve been putting off. You can dare to go back to the source of your doubts and anxiety, stop judging yourself and feeling guilty, and realize that it’s time to start living more positively. I can teach you how to use your breath to find calmness and confidence, and release emotional blockages that prevent you from fully living.


If you feel stuck in a life that doesn’t suit you, if you want to show up as your authentic self instead of how others want you to be, if you aspire to find deeper meaning in your life, if you want to trust your journey and embrace challenges to find your path, if you desire to create a simple daily spiritual practice, if you wish to alleviate anxiety, stress, and fears, if you want to reconnect with yourself, if you’ve had enough of feeling detached, lonely, and misunderstood, if you’re seeking happiness, peace, less turmoil, and fewer frustrations, if you want to lose weight and identify the blocks holding you back in the process, if you want to rediscover a more fulfilling sex life, and if you want to restore restful sleep.

Decision Making:

When faced with a difficult decision, it is common to feel a sense of overwhelm, stress, anxiety, confusion, fatigue… Since indecision can have a negative impact on our emotional state, it is important to learn strategies for making positive decisions in complex situations.

  • Avoid letting stress take over. It’s easy to feel stressed and anxious when faced with a difficult choice. We can tend to make hasty decisions without careful thought. Try to manage your stress so that it doesn’t cloud your thinking.
  • Give yourself time (if possible). It is difficult to have a clear vision of things under pressure and sometimes the first idea that comes to us is not necessarily the best. Give yourself the opportunity to step back from a problem for a while, so that you can consider the different options available to you and feel confident about the path forward.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons. When faced with an important decision, sometimes we lose sight of the bigger picture. Make a list of the pros and cons of each solution, then compare them. Sometimes the downsides can be less severe than we imagined, or the upsides can make certain options more obvious.
  • Think about your goals and values. It is important to be true to yourself and what you value in life. When you consider what’s important to you in a decision, the best option may become obvious.
  • Consider all the possibilities. Making a decision can lead to several different outcomes, not all of which are obvious at the outset. When considering each option, don’t just list the positives and negatives; also consider all likely consequences.
  • Talk it over. Getting another person’s perspective on your issue can be helpful, especially if that person has faced a similar decision in their own life.
  • Keep a journal. If you feel like you’re going through an emotional roller coaster, writing down your feelings can be helpful in keeping track of your emotions.
  • Plan how to approach the issue with others. If you think someone might react badly to your decision, think about their potential reaction. Put yourself in their shoes to find an appropriate way to handle the situation.
  • Reevaluate your options. If you’re under a lot of pressure to make a decision or if new factors come into play, re-examine your options. You may decide that your original decision is still best, but give yourself room to change direction. If a decision is no longer right for you, repeat these steps to find a better solution.

Loving Yourself is Loving Others:

The first step to self-fulfillment is realizing that happiness is found in improving the lives of others and the world. When you begin to integrate the concept of self-love through the love of others, you will discover ways to dedicate your time, resources, service, and even encouragement to those who are broken in spirit or whose lives is broken.

Everything you give, you receive back ten times more.

Loving Yourself Equates to Improving Your Life:

You’ll find that by loving yourself, you enhance every aspect of your life: your relationships, your health and well-being, your ability to achieve your dreams, and your self-esteem. Loving and connecting with yourself is the key to being able to love others, connect with them, and create relationships filled with love.

Difficult Relationships and Acceptance of the Situation

Healing a relationship begins with trust, creating a balanced and harmonious space between people. The emotional and spiritual well-being of everyone is recognized and taken into account through:

Respect for each other’s feelings, opinions and points of view.
Respect for differences and diversity.
Direct and honest communication.
Conflict resolution handled at the right time and in a direct manner.
Clear, fact-based comments.
Establishing and enforcing appropriate boundaries for misbehavior.
Equal treatment of both people and their needs.
The lack of competition.
The desire to find a win-win solution.